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This month’s spotlight is firmly set on Elite Consultancy Group, who are committed to helping independent lettings agencies manage the headache of ongoing compliance in a cost-effective way. 

Elite Consultancy Group is led by Jayne Twiddle who has spent over 20 years in the industry. A huge part of her career has been dedicated to supporting independently owned and operated franchised businesses, with roles at Hunters Estate Agents. 

Jayne understands that independent lettings agencies often struggle to keep up with compliance regulations, which can be a complex and time-consuming process. Through Elite Consultancy she has created a solution to help them navigate through compliance regulations without breaking the bank. 

Elite’s new service offers highly skilled and experienced compliance advice and support for a fraction of the cost of employing inhouse compliance staff. This allows lettings agencies to focus on revenue generating parts of their business while having the peace of mind that they’re always appropriately covered. 


The Outsourced Compliance Management service provides a complete ongoing solution for lettings agencies. It includes: 

  • An initial review of your letting portfolio’s compliance and processes 
  • A presentation with full details of their findings delivered to core business individuals 
  • A bespoke compliance plan for your business based on the findings of their review 
  • Ongoing monthly compliance audits on new tenancies and renewals 
  • Quarterly key compliance discipline audits (one per quarter Gas, Electric, Smoke/C02 & Deposits, F&F, Right to Rent, prescribed documents etc.) 
  • Monthly and quarterly reports on findings from the compliance audits 
  • Weekday compliance helpline support Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm providing support on all your compliance and complaint questions 
  • Proactive ongoing advice and support on new or changed legislation 


The pricing of Elite Outsourced Compliance Management starts at just £499+VAT per month. This makes it an affordable solution for independent lettings agencies of all sizes. The service is flexible, so it keeps supporting growing businesses. 

Why did you choose to get external support from Atomic?

I’d seen Lucy present at a webinar some time back before I was considering selling and at the time I thought: she knows what she’s talking about! When it came to putting the business up for sale, we knew we needed help and we spoke to a couple of different brokers. Atomic impressed us hugely with their pitch. They provided more detailed information than anyone else and showed incredible knowledge, but the thing that stood out was their energy and enthusiasm. I saw a lot of myself in Lucy. I’ve been an estate agent for many years, but I still get excited about a deal and I’m still full of energy for the process. 

Lucy was clearly hungry, ambitious and competent and my wife and I just had a gut feeling that Atomic was the company we wanted to work with.


If you’re an independent lettings agency struggling to keep up with compliance regulations, Elite offers a cost-effective and comprehensive solution. With their expertise and experience, they can guide you through the complex compliance landscape, freeing up your time and resources to grow your business. 

For more information about Elite Consultancy’s Outsourced Compliance Management Solution, visit their website at