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Selling your estate agency business can be a complex task, and we’re here to ensure you get the maximum value, whilst making the process as seamless as possible.

You will be supported by Lucy Noonan, Founder and 25-year estate agency professional, who alongside the whole Atomic team, will guide you through the entire process right up to completion and beyond.

Here's how we're different:

Free Valuations

We provide free valuations and advice on how to maximise your sale price.

Preparing a
Business Sales Pack

Once you’re ready for sale, we prepare a detailed Business Sales Pack.

We research and identify potential buyers, manage discreet approaches to secure interest and Non-Disclosure Agreements, manage all offers from buyers and take the process right through to negotiating heads of terms.

No Sale, No Further Fee

We will project manage the acquisition throughout the due diligence process and legal contracts, supporting you and your team with integration planning.

However, if for any reason the deal doesn’t go ahead, there’s no further charge.

Here’s a snapshot of how we will support you and your business throughout the process:


Value your business

After a deep dive into the business, we will provide an accurate appraisal of the value of your business, based on turnover and profit multiples and benchmarked against current market conditions.



Market your business

We will create a bespoke marketing strategy and campaign for your business, ensuring we position the messaging, brand and key information in the right way to resonate with your potential buyers and ultimately to generate offers.


Target potential buyers

Utilising our market knowledge, and extensive network and connections, we will approach potential buyers on your behalf, ensuring your business is in front of the right people, whilst always maintaining confidentiality. We have over 10,00 registered buyers, which continues to grow daily.


Mobilise your suppliers

We will work alongside you to appoint your key acquisitions team. We will make recommendations and introductions to corporate solicitors and accountants, as well as considering your own contacts, ensuring you mobilise the right team that have experience and a long list of case studies in mergers and acquisitions within property.



Manage the pipeline

We will review all leads and manage any interested parties, acting as a conduit between you and any potential buyer, including leading any commercial negotiations on your behalf and agreeing HoT’s (Heads of terms) alongside solicitors.


Manage the relationship

Often the trickiest part to manage, alongside running your business, is the relationship. We will act as the relationship manager between you and the buyer, offering support, ongoing communication, and guide both parties through the legal and due diligence processe


Risk and issue resolution

We will work closely with both parties to identify, manage and mitigate key risks, ensuring we’re working to resolve any issues throughout the process and before completion.



The legal part

We will manage the Legal Purchase Agreement, ensuring you and your business has the right amount of protection, whilst the deal remains commercial. We will also guide you through all commercial contracts and termination fees so you fully understand cost and can negotiate leases, and insurances.


Support your people

We will review your employee structure and work with you and the buyer to ensure a smooth handover is in place, ensuring your team are well looked after throughout the acquisition process and beyond.


Integration planning

We will prepare a full integration plan, including a 100-day project plan and all the supporting documents you will need to make the integration as seamless as the sale. We will also provide guidance on the first few week’s completion activities, so everyone is clear on roles, responsibilities and tasks in those early days.

In short, we cover the end-to-end process from valuing your business, to sourcing the best buyer, to managing the legal framework, through to completion, integration and beyond.

For more information, and for a no obligations chat, please get in touch. 


We offer a competitive approach to pricing, offering commercial solutions that align with your business needs. What is important is that we agree a pricing structure that delivers on your objectives, whilst ensuring we deliver what we promise, every time.

To find out more and to enquire about pricing, please contact us today.


We offer a transparent, competitive approach to pricing, offering the same
commercials for all businesses we work with. This is a core value and ensures we
deliver what we promise, every time.

All prices are subject to VAT and travel expenses will be billed as an addition cost.


upfront cost paid upon agreement of contract in order to prepare a Business Sales and Pack support through to hots.


of the sale price payable only at successful completion. No sale, no further fee.

let atomic consulatancy help you through the acquisition process


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