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In our video series we share our top tips and guidance for a successful acquisition and beyond.

how to structure the right deal

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) How to Structure the right deal Buying or selling your business can be complicated and particularly within the Property Industry, there is a lot to consider. In this video I discuss the 2 main ways in which a business can be sold or bought and what the advantages and disadvantages of these are.

What is a Business Worth? Brokers Valuations compared to how a Buyer value's

I have worked as a buyer for some of the biggest brands in estate agency and so as a broker to the industry now Atomic Consultancy has a unique insight into how a buyer also values. I share why it’s so key to understand the difference to ensure you prepare your lettings business for sale in the right way.

Why Choosing A Corporate Lawyer in acquisitions is vital

So many acquisitions fail if the wrong team is appointed. Many solicitors have experience in the disposal and purchase of businesses but the Property Industry is unique and therefore having a solicitor that understands not only acquisitions and mergers but lettings legislation, specific contracts, understanding the mechanisms around a deferred consideration, restrictions etc, is essential.

Introducing Atomic Consultancy

An introduction to Atomic Consultancy.

Our Reviews

We simply couldn’t do what we do without happy customers who are willing to refer and recommend our services. Have a read of our latest reviews in this short video.

We are proud to have supported 50 sellers in our first year in business!

Looking to sell your business? Want to be part of our next 50 deals? Proud to have supported 50 sellers in our first year in business!

first meeting best practices

Buying a business can be exciting and daunting, one mistake people often make is how a buyer approaches their first meeting. In this video I highlight my top tips in ensuring you will be the favoured Buyer.

What Is a Business Worth? 2 Ways to Value - Turnover versus Profit

There is no straight forward method to value a lettings or estate agency business, at Atomic we get asked constantly what the current multiples are! This video shows the 2 main ways in which a business is valued. The difference can be huge!

what the hell
is ebitda?

Why is it such an important metric in Acquisitions and Mergers? EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) Ultimately EBITDA is a measure of businesses profitability, along with terms like gross profit and net income. All of these items are reported on the income statements.

Unlocking Additional Profit In Your

Atomic Consultancy top tips on how to unlock additional profit in your lettings business to ensure you maximize the value of your business! Working on your business before selling and taking these steps will increase the value.

January Quarter 1: Round up

Quarter 1 2023 Update – Lucy Noonan and Laura Cooper talk about what a start to 2023 it’s been and discuss the challenges and opportunities with securing funding and buying and selling agencies in the current market.

Employee Integration A critical part of the acquisition process

Bringing 2 companies together is never going to be easy, there is uncertainty on both sides and the best made plans can still fail if the culture and the teams do not share your vision. In this video we discuss some top tips to ensure you create the most positive environment for all and create the gold new standard.

Acquisitions -Do you know what you are selling?

Sounds a silly question, right? But asking yourself this question is crucial. Selling the whole business compared to just the lettings book can make a huge difference in terms of the value and the tax that sellers pay. Understanding and splitting out all the income you generate will ensure you sell in the right way.

Laura's Top Tips

Laura Cooper, Atomic’s Acquisitions Manager talks about her M&A top tips in this latest video


Have you done a Health Check on your business before you sell?

Due diligence is a key part of the selling process and many clients are concerned about it. Getting your business sale ready and undertaking a health check will give you the confidence that the sale will go through. I share my top tips of what a health check should include.

What do your Lettings Terms of Business Need to include?

In this video I share my top tips of what needs to be included within your terms of business and what buyers look for.

Is your Business Easy to Understand?

You’re a lettings business or estate agency business so surely everyone knows my business? In this video I discuss why this question is key to ask any seller and ensuring you can present your business in the best way to buyers.

What are Heads of Terms in Acquisitions?

A key area of the acquisition process, heads of terms set out the terms of the deal. In this video we discuss the key points to what best practise looks like including the structure of the deal, the price and any deferred payments, conditions on both buyer and seller, what changes can be allowed, what restrictions will be put in place, how long a buyer has to complete and much more.

When Should I Sell My Business?

There are many reasons why people look to sell, retirement, a new business interest, fallen out of love with the industry (this one is on the increase) In this video we discuss when is the right to sell and what you need to consider

Get to know Laura

Meet Laura Cooper, our fabulous Acquisitions Manager, in this get to know video.

Quickfire Questions

We have fun with Laura Cooper, our Acquisitions Manager in this quick fire question round.


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Are your business accounts and finances in order?

How do you currently run your accounts? Do they reconcile? What about deposits? What’s in your business account? This video goes into detail on what you need to get prepared and what buyers will need to see