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Buyers Acquisition Solution

If you’ve come to this page because you’re interested in growing your lettings or estate agency business through acquisitions, look no further.

We have more than 25 years’ experience supporting over 300 businesses just like yours to grow and scale. Having worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, including Countrywide, LSL and The Lomond Group, we’re well placed to help you on your buyer journey.

Thanks to our extensive network and “little black book”, we often know about businesses for sale before anyone else, and because we support both sellers and buyers, we can introduce you to the very latest opportunities that can add real value to your business and your bottom line.

We offer two approaches for businesses looking to acquire: a full acquisition management service and a post-completion support service. To find out more, please get in touch to discuss how we can help you and your business.

Full Acquisition Management

Our full acquisition management service offers specialist project management for your end-to-end journey of purchasing another estate agency business. We’ll support you throughout the negotiations, due diligence, legal process and financial stages to ensure your investment is fully capitalised and completion is successfully achieved.


Our services will include:


Relationship Management

We will lead the relationship between both you and the seller, supporting commercial negotiations and agreeing HoT’s (Heads of terms) working alongside both solicitors.


Seller support

It’s crucial we keep the seller happy, engaged and up to date to ensure a smooth transition and therefore we will support the seller throughout, including through the legal and due diligence process.


Risk and issue resolution

We will work closely with both parties to identify, manage and mitigate key risks, ensuring we’re working to resolve any issues throughout the process and before completion.


The legal part

We will manage the Legal Purchase Agreement, ensuring you and your business has the right amount of protection, whilst the deal remains commercial. We will also guide you through all commercial contracts and termination fees so you fully understand cost and can negotiate leases, and insurances.


Reviews, recommendations and guidance

We will review due diligence and make recommendations on post synergy EBITDA and where savings and uplifts can be made.


Support your people

Alongside you and your operational teams, we will work with you to understand cultures and people plans and processes (existing and incoming), ensuring structure and roles and responsibilities are clearly defined from day one.


Integration planning

We will prepare a full integration plan, including a 100-day project plan and all the supporting documents you will need to make the integration as seamless as possible. We will also provide guidance on the first few week’s completion activities, so everyone is clear on roles, responsibilities and tasks in those early days. .

Post-Completion Support

Our post-completion support service is available to help you tie up the many loose ends associated with purchasing a business and integrating it into your existing structure. We’ll help with the data migration, TUPE processes, post-completion communications across all stakeholders, as well as any contract renewals. In short, we’ll help dot the i’s and cross the t’s. 

Our services will include:


Integration management

We will project manage the integration of the business for the first 2-weeks post completion. Giving you peace of mind that you have an experienced and reliable pair of hands to navigate any pitfalls in the early stages of integration, thus protecting your investment. 


On-the-ground support

We will schedule and host daily calls with key stakeholders to ensure the project is on track and support the operations teams with TUPE consultations and team member integrations.


Risk management

We will manage all areas identified as a risk in the due diligence process, managing and mitigating key risks, and working to resolve any issues that arise.


Legals and contracts

We will deal with all contract amends and cancellations, manage the closure of premises and fleet and support in the transfer of all bank accounts.



We will create a robust communication plan and support you to execute this, ensure all stakeholders including team, landlords, suppliers and contractors are informed and reassured.


Data migrations

We will support you to manage the data migration into your systems, setting up new processes and reporting where needed.


Reporting and retention

The seller will likely be on an “earn out” and thus we’ll create a retention schedule that can be calculated and reported back to the seller monthly, to ensure the integration is on track for all parties


It’s an important part of our ethos that we offer a competitive approach to pricing. No discounts, no offers, no side deals, just simple pricing structures based on your business needs, where we deliver what we promise.

To find out more and to enquire about pricing, please contact us today.


It’s an important part of our ethos that we offer a transparent, competitive approach to pricing. No discounts, no offers, no side deals, just simple pricing structures where we deliver what we promise.

All prices are subject to VAT and travel expenses will be billed as an addition cost.

full acquisition management service


Our full acquisition management service is offered at a flat rate of £8,000, with 50% payable once Terms of Engagement signed, and remaining balance on completion.

support service


Our post-acquisition support service is offered at £2,500, payable 2 weeks post completion, following successful handover

let atomic consulatancy help you through the acquisition process


We’re proud to have worked alongside some of the best brands in the industry.